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Retirement Solutions

A Personalized Retirement Plan

I am more than a financial advisor or a bank trying to fit you into "Plan A, B or C". I get to know you, your goals, plans for retirement and help you understand financial concepts. I will show you your Financial Independence Number - the total amount of money you need to have when you retire. I look at your whole financial situation including debt, savings and protection. I design a financial plan to work within your budget, your goals and to save you money.

I look to solve your financial problems not sell you products. With over 40 financial service and life insurance providers, I can choose the best products for your situation. I am confident my plans can save your family money, time and stress. Wouldn't that be worth 30 minutes to see if I could help you?

Retirement Solutions

What would you like help with?

  • Protect What Matters Most

    Insurance helps you protect what matters most in your life - your loved ones, your assets and your financial future.
  • Planning for Retirement

    Whether you're right on track or even if you need to catch up, I have the tools and services that can help you meet your goals and retire on your own terms.
  • Plan your financial future

    It's never too early or late to plan for your financial future. By protecting, managing and growing your assets, you'll by prepared.
  • Secure your Assets

    By building a financial safety net, you can prepare for the unexpected and create a legacy your loved ones can count on.
  • Save for University

    Helping your children or grandchildren with post secondary expenses can be one of the greatest gifts you'll ever give.
  • Make Your Retirement Income Last

    As you begin to tap your retirement income, learn which accounts and investments to draw from first.
  • Cash Flow Management

    For most individuals and families, money is a limited resource. Your financial objectives must be prioritized and your cash flow allocated accordingly.
  • Managing an Inheritance

    Receiving an inheritance often accompanies a highly emotional time. You'll never regret taking a little time to decide how to use your inheritance wisely.

Who Needs Retirement Planning?


A complete and solid financial plan can help you: Prioritize your goals, focus on the bigger picture, organize your finances and worry less about money.

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I understand the unique financial & insurance needs of Canadian Physicians, Registered Nurses, Dentists and other medical professionals.

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As a former public servant I have a thorough understanding your group benefits and pension plan. I can help you understand your current benefits and create a plan to work with them.

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Businesses that are under insured or without broad, proper and adequate coverage are taking needless risks, which could eventuate in serious financial problems.

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